Adding Events

Take a short few minutes to watch this video for the quickest way to become familiar with the event app on OpenScholar.

For more information, you can read the written documentation below.


To create an Events post:

1. Go to your Control Panel, click on Site ContentAdd then Event.

Alternatively you can also go to the Calendar page then click the Add New button and choose Event from the drop down list. 
add event

2. After clicking on Add New > Event the create event form will load. 
Create event form

3. Fill out all applicable fields in the form regarding your event and click "Save" at the bottom. After saving your event, you will see a message posted at the top of the site that your event has been created along with the newly created event post.
event created

Admin view:
created event

You should see your event highlighted in the monthly calendar. 
event month view

Clicking on the event in Calendar view will prompt a pop-up displaying the details of that event.

 In addition, if you click on the Upcoming tab, a list of saved upcoming events will be displayed. 

upcoming events


The Events app also comes with two widgets:  
These widgets are displayed by default in blocks in the right sidebar of your page layout. 

events widgets

The Mini Calendar widget is a compact sized block of your calendar and its events.

The Upcoming Events widget is a block which automatically displays up to five latest upcoming events.

Updated: 4Oct16