Columns Widget

The Columns widget is essentially a layout tool that provides a way to display content within columns on your web page. Similar to the Tabs widget, it displays content from other widgets in an organized way.

Tip: You need to create the content widgets before setting up a columns widget.

Add a Columns Widget

To add a columns widget:

  1. Go to your Control Panel, click to expand Appearance, and select Layout.
  2. Select the green "Add new widget" tab
  3. Select the columns widget

Configure the Widget Settings

Enter a Widget Description and Title (if applicable).
Choose the layout. This example shows a 33%/33%/33% layout.

Columns widget - set the layout

Drag and drop existing widgets into the columns widget layout.

Columns widget - drag and drop

Drag as content widgets into each column as needed and click Save.

Columns Widget - drap and drop muliple

Drag the new Columns Widget in to the page layout and click Save

Here is an example of the Columns widget on the web page.

Columns widget example

Updated: 12May16