Control Panel changes

Understanding the Control Panel Changes 

We are in the process of rolling out a change to how you will see and use the "control panel". Our goal of this change is to make OpenScholar easier to use. The control panel was one of the biggest pain points reported in usability tests and user interviews, so we've spent the last few months building, testing, and tweaking, and it's ready to go.

What's Different?

We've removed the black admin toolbar across the top of your site where you would normally go to make site changes. The control panel is now split into 2 parts. The site building functionality will be present on the left hand side or your site and your user information and site notifications with be in the top right corner of your site:



old admin toolbar

The New Control Panel

Reporting Problems

While we have thoroughly tested this functionality it is still new. If you are experiencing any problems with the new control panel, please post your issues on our online Community Forum. Please include your url, the browser and version you are using and as many details as possible about the issue.