Creating Pages and Subpages

Take a short few minutes to watch these videos for the quickest way to become familiar with basic pages and subpages on OpenScholar.

For more information, you can read the written documentation below.


The Basic Page app offers the ability to post miscellaneous web pages of your choice, like a "blank canvas". 

Enabling the Basic Pages App

Before adding any pages, you must first enable the app.

1. Go to the control panel
2. Click to expand Settings
3. Click on Enable Apps

4. Search for BASIC PAGES.
5. Check the Enable box.
enable basic pages

6. Click Save.

Creating Pages

  1. Navigate to the Control Panel and click on Page from the Add menu.

  2. The Add Page link will open a form where you can begin entering the contents of your page.
    create page form
  3. Save.

Creating Subpages

When you have a page that is also a menu item, you have the option of adding subpages to that main page in two ways.

Option 1 - Adding a brand new page as a subpage:

  1. Click the Add New green button and select Subpage
    add subpage
  2. Fill out the form and add content.
    create page
  3. Save and the new page will appear within the Section Navigation widget.
    view contact page

Option 2 - Adding an existing page as a subpage

  1. Click the green Add New button and select Existing Page to Section
    add existing page

  2. In the text field, begin to type the name of the existing page you want to add to this section and select the name once it appears.
  3. Save and the existing page will appear within the Section Navigation widget.
    mission statement subpage

Updated: 4 Sept18