Creating a Privacy Policy for Your Website

Having a privacy section in the footer of your OpenScholar site is good practice to explicitly identify the name and use of any analytics or tracking capability used on your website in the privacy policy.

NOTE: The privacy policy link is only available when using one of the Featured themes

How to write a privacy policy

The minimum requirements

Through use of the OpenScholar platform, your website tracks IP addresses and uses cookies. At minimum, this information needs to be included in the privacy policy. 

Additional functionality

If your site uses any of the following functionality, you will also need to add information about it to your privacy policy:

  • Event sign-up feature
  • Newsletter sign ups
  • Other embedded webforms
  • Commenting on posts
  • Social media widgets 

Adding the privacy policy to your site

1. Create a page on your website and add the text of your privacy policy.

2. To add the link to the privacy policy to your website footer, go to the in your Global Settings where you can then enter the URL in the privacy policy field.

Privacy Policy modal

3. Save the settings. The link will now appear in the footer of your website.

privacy policy in footer

Updated: 23Jan18