Creating your Site

OpenScholar is a web creation platform for the Higher Education community. It provides an easy and efficient way to create and manage an Individual, Academic Department, or Institutional website without having to know anything about web development or how to write code (HTML, etc.). 

Website Building Resources

Before you dive into your website project, be sure to plan appropriately and take advantage of resources available:

Project Resources

Set Up Your Site

NOTE: This interface will change depending on the requirements of your school or organization.

Step 1: Choose type of site

Choose from the available site options and enter in your desired url. Choose a URL that is relevant to your site. You also have the ability to request and apply a custom domain to your OpenScholar site once you have finished building your site. You may also change your site visibility on this page.

create new site

Click next to choose the site's Starter Content.

Step 2: Choose Site Starter Content

The type of starter content (or preset) that you choose will determine the Apps that are available and enabled on your site. For example, the Minimal Starter Content comes with the Bio and Publications App already enabled. The Personal Starter Content has the Bio, Classes, and Publications App enabled. You will be able to enable/disable more apps at any time.

Each template will also create a standard menu structure (or information architecture). Ex: Home, Publications, Classes, etc.

choose starter content

Click next to choose a mobile friendly theme.

Step 3: Choose a Theme

Pick from a variety of mobile-friendly Openscholar website themes. Colors, designs, fonts, etc. are different in each theme.

choose site theme

Click Finish to redirect to your new website. 

Site Visibility

As you are setting up your site you may choose to change who has access to your site. 

To do this, open your site control panel and search for Site Visibility under Enable/Disable Apps.

site visibility

The site visibility options are:

Public on the web  - Anyone on the Internet can find and access the site. No sign-in is required to view the site content. (although files can be PIN protected). Search engines will index the site and the search engine optimization (SEO) will be enabled for the site.

Site members only - Private during construction, only people with explicit granted permission can access this site (site members). Sign-in is required. In other words, for someone to access the site, the site administrators would need to add or create each OpenScholar account as a member of the site.

Anyone with the link - Anyone with the link can access the site. No sign-in is required to view the site content. However the search engines, such as Google, Bing, etc. will not index the site pages. If you plan to use a custom domain for your site, it is important to prevent search engines from indexing the site's default OpenScholar URLs.

NOTE: You can change your Site Visibility at any time

site visibility


Updated: 7Jan19