Dataverse Widgets

What is a Dataverse?

Dataverse Network is a virtual archive or organizer of research data. It can contain data sets (called studies) that are uploaded specifically to that Dataverse or that belong to other Dataverses. Data sets can be organized by collections and sub-collections. In addition to uploading studies and setting up collections, if you are the Dataverse owner (administrator) you can customize the Dataverse browser page. 

You must have an existing Dataverse account in order to properly utilize this feature.

Dataverse Widgets

Both the Dataverse Listing widget, Dataverse Dataset widget, Dataverse Dataset Citation widget and the Dataverse Search Box widget are created by clicking the "Add new widget" dropdown in the layout screen.

Dataverse widgets

Finding your Dataset Persistent Identifier

You can find your Dataset Persistent Identifier in two ways:

Option 1:

Go to an individual citation and find the link (see example below)


Option 2:

Go to a Citation Metadata on the Dataset Page to find the link (see example below)

Dataset Persistent Identifier

Additional Documentation

Dataverse Listing and Search Bar Widgets User Guide

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Updated: 11Jan18