Editing the Slideshow Widget

Once the slideshow has been created, you can edit it in different functions.

1.  Editing the Slideshow Widget
Hover over the slideshow widget on your page, click the small gear and select "Edit Widget"
editing the slide show widget

2. Change the description and title
You can change the title of the slideshow and add more specific description.

3. Change the layout
You can choose a new layout to show your slides.

4. Display order and options
You can drag and put each slide in the order you want them to show.

You can also change the duration for each slide, transition speed and make slides show in random order.

5. Edit each slide

edit individual slide

You can edit each single slide, by cropping and resizing the original image, updating the URL, headline and description. Also if you want to hide it, you can uncheck the publish box.

Updated: 1May17