Embeddable Widgets

You can allow certain OpenScholar widgets to be embeddable. This means that the public can access code to embed the content on other websites. Among the widgets that are embeddable are:

The embed (iFrame) code will embed content on both OpenScholar and non-OpenScholar sites. The following instructions show how to use this feature on OpenScholar sites. 

To set a widget as embeddable, go into the widget settings and check the "Make Embeddable" box. 

How to make widgets embeddable on other sites

All visitors of you site will be able to see the <embed> link when hovering over the widget. 

Embed Link

Clicking the <embed> link with generate the iFrame code to embed the widget into a site. Copy the iFrame code.

Get iFrame Code

With the iFrame code copied, log into another OpenScholar site and create an Embed Media widget.

Enter a Widget Description, then click the Add button

Embed Widget Settings

Select the Embed from the Web tab, then paste the iFrame code and click Submit.

embed from web

Now drag the widget into your layout.

This page show the embedded "Appointment Policy" content.

Embedded Widget on Another Site

Learn how to embed third party content.

Updated: 31Aug18