Embedding Video from Vimeo

Follow the steps below to embed video and audio from Vimeo within your page content.

1.  Copy the URL, or the embed code from the Vimeo video you want to include on your page.

Find embed code

2.  On the page you want to add the Vimeo clip to, find the content section you want to add it to and enter the page editor.
3.  Click "Media Browser" (Add Media) icon from the top of the text editor.

media browser

4.  A pop up form will appear.  At the top select the Embed From The Web tab.
5.  Paste the URL or embed code in the box, and click Submit at the bottom of the form. 

embed from web

5. Continue to make changes to the file label or description if you choose and Save.

6.  At the bottom of the content editor, click "Save" to apply the changes.  Your video will now be embedded in your content.


Updated: 11Apr18