Filtered Search Widget

The Filtered Search widget allows you to place a search box on a page and search the content on that specific page. You can use multiple variations of this widget to search within specific areas of your site based on content type (App type content) and/or taxonomy vocabularies. 

Note: the Search Box widget is configured to search your whole site. Learn more about the Search Box widget.

Adding a Filtered Search Widget to your site

  1. Navigate to the Layout of your site via the Configuration Gear or via Control Panel
  2. Select the green Add New Widget link
  3. Select the Filtered Search widget from the list
  4. Give the widget a description, a title (optional), select the type of content you want your search box to search within (App type) and select a taxonomy vocabulary (optional). 
  5. Drag & drop that widget into the layout of your site
    filtered search

  6. Click the Save button

Updated: 19July18