Getting Started

Getting up and running on OpenScholar is simple. 

Creating your site
How to obtain an OpenScholar website and how to configure your initial website settings.

Kinds of sites
Choose from five pre-set website structures that make it easy to organize your content.

Logging into your site
How to log into your site via an OpenScholar account, HUID, and Pin. 

Your account information
Editing your account information.

The basics: interface and content
Familiarize yourself with the control panel and the icons you will see throughout your site.

Using and managing apps
Apps are the building blocks of your website's functionality.

Understanding site search
Learn how the site search works, indexing, and how to get search results from other sites, including subsite search results from parent sites.

Understanding Subsites
Find out about how to relate sites to a main site.

Browser support
Find out which browser versions we support

Updated: 7Aug2018