Links App

The Links app will enable you to post and manage links to external web pages that have relevance to you. You also have the ability categorize links and associate images or files with links. You might want to post links to your current or past projects, affiliated institutions, web articles of interest, etc. Your links will be automatically and neatly formatted using the title that you provide.

Enabling the Links App

Before adding any Links, you must first make sure the app is enabled.

1. Click to expand Settings
enable apps

2. Click on Enable Apps
3. Search for Links.
4. In the drop down menu, click EVERYONE.


5. SAVE CONFIGURATION at the bottom of the page.

Link App Settings

1. From the Control Panel, select Settings
2. Select App Settings

3. Select Links from the options
4. Make changes 

Lin App Settings

5. Click the Save button to make changes

Links Menu Link

To add the Links App to your Menu, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the control panel and select Menus
  2. Once in the Menu area, Select Add New Link in the Primary Menu
  3. You'll be prompted to choose an Item Type. Please select URL
  4. Click Continue
  5. Now give the Menu Item a title like Links and enter the word "links" (lower case) in the URL field
  6. Click Finish at the bottom of the page

Creating Links

  1.  Go to your links page at /links on your site and select the green Add New button
  2. Select the Links option
  3. Populate the Links form 

    Form options:
    • Title
    • URL
    • Open Link in a new tab
    • Description
    • Attach Files

Create a link form

3. Save at the bottom of the form.
4. Repeat this process to add additional links


Content Revisions

The content revisions feature will allow you to save past versions of content (posts) on your website.

content revision link


Importing Links

To import Links:

  1. Click on Site Content
  2. Click on Import
  3. Select Link
  4. You may only upload a file in a CSV format only To make sure you are importing a file in the correct CSV file format, click the Download a template example to use as a guide.
    NOTE: Make sure to save your CSV file using the UTF-8 file format to ensure that your contents are imported without issue.
    Importing more than 50 Links at one time is not permitted. If your CSV file is over 50 rows, you will receive an error.
  5. Submit.
  6. Go to Content in the admin toolbar and the first entry will be your newly imported Link.

Viewing Links

All of your links can be viewed by clicking on "Links" in the primary menu of your site. You can also view and manage links by navigating to the Control Panel and clicking on the "Content" button. On the right column under "Type" you will see a drop down menu where you can click on "Link" and that will display a list of your links.

Reordering Links on a page

Links are ordered by the date in which they were added to the site and appear with the newest link appearing on the top of the list.

To change the order the links are listed you must edit the authoring date associated with each link post.

1. Edit the link post

edit link post

2. Click on the "Authoring Information" link 

reordering links

3. Edit the "Authored On" date

Tips about Links

Updated: 20Apr18