List of Posts Widget

The List of Posts widget displays an automatically generated list of posts from your site.

Add a New List of Posts Widget

To add a list of posts widget:

  1. Go to your Control Panel, click to expand Appearance, and select Layout.
  2. Select the green "Add new widget" tab
  3. Select the List of Posts posts widget

Add the Widget Title and Description

Widget Description is the administrative title (seen by site administrators only)
Widget Title is the what displays on the site

List of Posts widget settings - title and description


Choose the Content Type, Display Style and Sorting

In the example below, we've opted to show News App content, to display a teaser (title and the first few sentences of the post) as well as the sort order. You can make changes to any of these display styles.

List of Posts settings - content type and display

Choose Vocabulary Terms to Filter by:

You can select vocabulary terms to filter by. For example, you include only news associated with Research

List of Posts settings - taxonomy

Set the "More" link or Pager and Number of items to display

The more link will appear at the bottom of the widget. In this case, it defaults to show all news, but you can set the URL to any specific page. A pager will allow visitors to click an arrow to the next set of news items. In this case, 6 news items are shown per screen.

List of Posts settings - more link

Choose Which Sites to Display Content From

You have the ability to include posts from subsites. In this case "HWP Main Site" is the parent site and is checked by default. Checking the box for the subsites will include posts from those sites. Note: taxonomy term filtering is not currently available for subsite content.

List of Posts widget settings - choose sites

Choose to "Make Embeddable" and Save

Clicking "Make Embeddable" will allow other site administrator to get a code snippet to embed this widget content on other sites.

List of Posts settings - embeddable

After you click Save, be sure to drag the List of Posts widget into your layout.

List of Posts Widget Example

This "List of Posts" widget shown below is displaying news tagged with the taxonomy term "Research"

List of Posts widget example

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Updated: 12May16