Managing Files and Images

Images and files that you've uploaded to any content can be managed in Files.

To manage Files:
1. Click to expand Site Content
2. Click to expand Browse and select Files

In this page you will see all the public file types you have previously uploaded onto your site.

This page shows you its original name, the size of the file, when it was uploaded, and where it exists on your site. You also have the option of editing or deleting these files. 

Another way to search for a specific file is to enter in the name of it in the search bar, sort by date, size or type of the file, choose the order, and hit "Apply".
Files Area


The Operation dropdown allows you to make changes to multiple files at once.


  • Apply Taxonomy term
  • Delete item
  • Remove Taxonomy term

File Operation options

In the top right corner you will see another tab, the "Private Files" tab where you can go to view and manage your private files as well as upload more. Read more about Private Files.