Media Gallery App

The Media Gallery app is a tool to help you upload, store and manage your web site photos. You can create galleries or related groups of photos to give your photos context and to keep them organized. 

Enabling the Media Gallery App

In order to create a gallery, you must first make sure the app is enabled.

1. Click to expand Settings
2. Click on Enable Apps

3. Search for Media Gallery
4. In the drop down menu click Public to enable the apps.

Media Gallery-EVERYONE
6. Return to home page

Galleries Menu Link

The Galleries link should now appear in the primary menu. If the Galleries link does not appear in your menu, follow these steps:

  1. Go to the control panel and select Menus
  2. Once in the Menu area, Select Add New Link in the Primary Menu
  3. You'll be prompted to choose an "Item Type". Please select URL
  4. Click Continue
  5. Now give the Menu Item a title like Galleries and enter the word "galleries" (lower case) in the URL field
  6. Click Finish at the bottom of the page

Creating a Media Gallery

  1. While on the Galleries page click on media gallery icon 
  2. A form will appear where you can begin filling in the details of your media gallery.
    gallery form
  3. Configure your display settings.
    gallery settings
  4. Save and view results. Tip: You may create more than one media gallery to organize your media. See an example on the Office of International Education website.
    view gallery results

Adding Images to Your Galleries

  1. Click on the ( add media icon) link to upload your images. Tip: You may upload multiple images at a time.
    upload photos
  2. After uploading your photos you will be taken back to that Gallery's main page

Tip: Click on an image to test out the presentation settings. For this example we chose to display the media in a lightbox.

Lightbox view:


To change this, reconfigure the gallery's presentation settings by editing the gallery.

edit gallery page

Editing Images

  1. Hover over any photo, click on the grey gear, and click Edit
    edit photo
  2. Fill out and update the form with a new label, new file name, add alt text, add an image caption, etc.
    edit photo
  3. Save form. Tip: You can also remove an image by selecting Remove once you hover over the image and click the grey gear. 

Reordering Images

Make sure you are on the specific gallery you wish to reorder images on, not the main "Galleries" page which contains a list of all galleries.

  1. Click on the directional icon of the image you want to move and drag the photo into it's new position.

  2. No need to manually save, it saves automatically.

    Adding Alt Text to Your Images

    It is important to remember to add alt text to your images so that your website will be accessible. Please see Adding Alt Text for instructions.

    Importing a Media Gallery

    To import a Media Gallery:

    1. Go to the control panel 
    2. Click to expand Site Content.
    3. Click to expand Import.
    4. Click on Media Gallery.
    5. Upload a file in the CSV format only.
      You may use the Download a template file to use as a guide.
      NOTE: Make sure to save your CSV file using the UTF-8 file format to ensure that your contents are imported without issue.
      Importing more than 50 Media Galleries at one time is not permitted. If your CSV file is over 50 rows, you will receive an error.

    6. Submit.
    7. Go to Content in the Control Panel and the first entry will be your newly imported media gallery.

    Viewing Your Galleries and Images

    To view a list of all your existing image galleries click the Galleries link. Note: To view all media within a particular gallery, you must click on that gallery's title. This main Galleries page only displays a portion of the media. 

    Galleries main page:

    You can also view and manage Image Galleries by navigating to the Control Panel and clicking on the Content button . On the right column under Type you will see a drop down menu where you can click on Media Gallery which will display a list of your items.

    content galleries

    Updated: 17OCT17