Moving Pages

You have the option of adding existing pages to a section or to move pages around within the section outline. 

To Add Existing Pages to a Section

  1. Click Add New
  2. Select Existing Page to a Section
    add existing page

  3. Start typing in the name of the existing page
    When you see the page title appear, click on it to autofill the field
  4. Save
  5. The page will appear within the new section navigation


To Move Pages Within a Section

  1. Click the gear to expose the drop down menu and select Section Outline 

  2. On this form you can rearrange the pages in any order in a drag and drop motion and can nest pages to the right to form a hierarchy. You also have the option to completely hide the page from appearing in the menu
  3. You can also move these pages to another section navigation located on a different page
    Remember to click Move and save the Section Outline

  4. Your page will appear in the menu you specified

Updated: 22Mar16