People Sync feature

The People Sync feature allow you to easily sync profiles from other OpenScholar sites into your site.

To use this feature, you must have the People Profiles App enabled go to the People section of your site. If your site URL is "", then people section will be at "".

First, click the Add New button, then choose Sync

People sync link


Next, enter the person's name or profile URL. The system will search OpenScholar sites to find the person's profile by name or URL.

how to sync profiles

OpenScholar will then create a people profile on your site will the person's information. The person's profile will automatically appear in your site's People section.

Synced Profile view


Note: You cannot edit the content of the profiles added to your site with the Sync feature but there is a link to the originating site. However, you can add/edit the meta data for that profile, such as Taxonomy Terms, Menu Settings, URL Path Settings, Redirect, etc.


Updated: 15Sept16