Photo Slideshow Widget

Creating a Slideshow Widget

To create a slideshow:

  1. Click to expand Appearance and select Layout as shown below: 

  2. Select Add New Widget and click Slideshow from the list, as shown below:

  3. Fill in the form. NOTE: It is best practice to use a Featured or One Page theme when using a Slideshow, otherwise formatting errors may occur.

    Create Slideshow form

  4. At the bottom of the form you will see a box that says:
    This means that in order to add images, you will first need to drag and drop the slideshow into the page layout and save.You can also use the Display Options tab to modify the duration of the slideshow, and the speed of slide transitions.
  5. When finished modifying settings, click Save.

Place the Widget into the Layout

  1. Grab the widget from the widget library, and place it onto the page layout as desired.

  2. Save layout configuration.

Adding Slideshow Images

To add images to your slideshow:

  1. Click the add slide linkoption on the top left corner of your slideshow.                                                   
  2. Upload your image and fill out the rest of the form. NOTE: The Link field allows you to search your site for a page on your site. Start by typing the name of the page and allowing the system to find it. Once it appear, select it by clicking on the name of the page.
    Add widget form
  3. When you are finished customizing your uploaded image, click Save.
  4. Use this method to add more images.

Updated: 1May17