Project, Initiative and Center Site Structure

The Project site structure is intended to be flexible enough to accommodate a range of projects, initiatives, and centers, but you can easily edit the menu and pages if they do not fit your needs. Choosing the Project site preset will pre-populate your website with these menu links and pages: HOMEOverview, Activities, People, Resources, News & Events, About


project site structure

How to set up a Project site

NOTE: Only the Project/Lab/Small Group site type offers the Project preset option.

  1. Select Project from the options given in Step 2 of the site creation process.

    project preset 
  2. Click Next to select a theme.
  3. Click finish to redirect to your new site.

Using the Project site structure

Below are tips and examples of the kinds of content to consider including in each section. 

1. Overview

Purpose: To describe up front what your initiative/project does. This section does not need to literally be called “Overview;” you can come up with anther suitable title that is more specific to your project.
Examples: Information about who your project serves, the project’s purpose, and and outcomes, mission statement.

2. Activities

Purpose: To highlight the activities of your initiative. Again, this can be customized to best fit your project. You could call this section “programs,” for example.  
Examples: Information about your programs and initiatives.

3. People

Purpose: To highlight the project’s leadership and staff. The profiles can highlight their roles, expertise, and contact information.

4. Resources

Purpose: To highlight resources and facilities that will be of interest or useful to your visitors. Examples of what to include: Forms, applications, information about facilities, training, documentation, reports, other tools or information that can be used by your visitors.

5. News & Events

Purpose: To showcase what’s happening now in your department, announcements, and upcoming events.

6. About

Purpose: To provide background about your organization and logistical information
Examples: General department contact information, directions, job opportunities, history, annual reports.

Updated: 10Jan19