Removing a File

Images and files that you've uploaded to any content can be removed.

From the Control Panel:
1. Select Site Content
2. Select Browse 
3. Select Files

In this page you will see all file types you have previously uploaded. This page shows you its:

  • original name
  • the size of the file
  • when it was uploaded
  • where it exists on your site (see the "Used In" column)

Searching for Files

You can search for files by using:

  1. the file name or title field
  2. the used in field
  3. by filter by type of file


Deleting a file

  1. Find the file by using one of the options above
  2. Click the "Delete" link located to the far right of each file.delete files

  3. Confirm the system message "you are sure you want to delete the file..." by selecting "Delete"
    When the deletion is a success, you will see a confirmation at the top of the Files page.


Updated: 16Jun16