Plan and Organize Your Website

Personal Site Structure

The personal site structure was designed to meet the most common needs of faculty and graduate students, but you can easily edit the menu and pages if they do not fit your needs. Choosing the Personal site preset will pre-populate your website with these menu links and pages: HOMEBio, Classes, Publications.



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Plan Your Website

Building and maintaining an effective website requires a significant investment of time and resources. Websites that are built without planning or evaluation of user needs can become confusing, cluttered, and outdated – a source of frustration for both website owners and visitors.

Before you begin building your website, take a step back to answer some fundamental questions, and develop a strategy to guide the process.

  • What are the main goals for the website?
  • Who are the primary audiences, and why are they visiting the site?
  • Who is responsible for site’s...
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Organize Your Website

Step 1: Choose a Kind of Site for Your Website

A well-organized, easy-to-navigate structure is the foundation for a successful website. OpenScholar provides several "presets" to help you more easily organize your website content.

When you initially set up our site, you will be presented with several options for the kind of site you would like to create. Your site will then be pre-populated with a primary menu and sections depending upon the type of site you select. View guides to each of the site structures, and tips for how to best use them:...

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Academic Site Structure

The Academic site structure is designed to put your department’s work – academic offerings and research – at the forefront of the website. The structure and labels have been designed to make it easy for visitors to find information, and to provide you with a framework to easily organize your website's content. Adopting this structure will also help ensure a cohesive, unified experience across your organization's academic sites. Choosing the Academic site preset will pre-populate your website with these menu links and pages: HOME...

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Administrative Site Structure

Since administrative sites can vary greatly in the audiences they serve, the following structure is designed to be flexible enough to accommodate some of the most common kinds of content. Your site does not need to use all of these categories and you may need to create new ones to best suite your needs. Choosing the Academic site preset will pre-populate your website with these menu links and pages: HOMEServices, Activities, People, Resources, News & Events, ...

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Lab and Research Group Site Structure

The Lab and Research Group structure combines elements of an academic site and a personal faculty site to accommodate the most common kinds of information found on lab or research group websites. The structure is intended to be flexible, so your site may not need all of these categories. Choosing the Lab and Research Group preset will pre-populate your website with these menu links and pages: HOMEResearch, Publications, People, Resources, News & Events, About...

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