Tabs Widget

The Tabs Widget displays multiple widgets in clickable tabs.

Tabs Widget Example

Example of three widgets that were used to create this Tabs Widget.

 Tabs Widget Example

Before you create a Tabs Widget

Before you create a Tabs Widget, you have a couple of options. You can:

  1. Use the widgets available to you in the widgets library to populate the tabs in the tabs widget. Like the example above.
  2. Or, you can create new widgets to highlight within your tabs.

How to create a Tabs Widget

Once you create your widgets you can start creating your Tabs Widget by:

  1. Go to your Control Panel, click to expand Appearance, and select Layout.
  2. Select the green "Add new widget" tab
  3. Select the tabs widget

  4. Once selected, a form will appear asking you to name your widget and give it a title. Now you start creating your tabs.
  5. Under the section that says Add Widget to Collection you need to select one of your pre-made tabs from the drop-down menu and click ADD
    add widget to collection
  6.  Repeat the process as you add more new tabs by selecting the Add button. You may also change the name of your tab in the title of the tab field.
    add widgets
  7. Click to Save.

    NOTE: If the widget(s) you are highlighting in the Tab Widget hold no content, that widget will not show up as a tab.
  8. Drag the new Tabs Widget into the page layout and click Save


*Learn more about Creating New Widgets and Customizing Your Site Layout.

Updated: 12May16