Displaying Content with the Taxonomy Widget

Taxonomy widgets are designed to display a list of taxonomy terms that you have added to one of your site’s vocabularies.

Finding Your Taxomony Widgets

Each vocabulary that you create automatically generates its own Taxonomy widget.

For example, if you create a vocabulary for Publications, then a Publications Taxonomy Widget is created and available for you in the unused widget gallery to add to your page layout.
taxonomy widget
You can use this functionality to group pieces of content into smaller, more specific categories. You can learn more on the taxonomy vocabulary page

Adding a Taxonomy Widget to a Page

In this example, we'll locate the "Filter by People Terms" taxonomy widget to see how to filter people profiles by their roles. 

1.  Using the larger gear on your page, opt to edit the layout of current page.
Edit page

2.  Once on the Layout of your site, find the taxonomy widget you want to display from the unused widget gallery.
people taxonomy widget

3.  Drag and drop the widget to the the desired position within your layout.

4.  Click "save" at the bottom of the page. 
5. View results.
taxonomy widget

Editing a Taxonomy Widget

1. Hover over & click the grey edit gear. Then click Edit Widget.

edit taxonomy widget

2. Make changes to your Taxonomy Widget form
taxonomy widget form

3. Save changes

4. View results.
Changes made here were to the Title & Display Type (Menu option)

taxonomy widget


Updated: 4Sept18