Media Gallery App

The Media Gallery app is a tool to help you upload, store and manage your web site photos. You can create galleries or related groups of photos to give your photos context and to keep them organized. 

Enabling the Media Gallery App

In order to create a gallery, you must first make sure the app is enabled.

1. Click to expand Settings
2. Click on Enable Apps

3. Search...

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Links App

The Links app will enable you to post and manage links to external web pages that have relevance to you. You also have the ability categorize links and associate images or files with links. You might want to post links to your current or past projects, affiliated institutions, web articles of interest, etc. Your links will be automatically and neatly formatted using the title that you provide.

Enabling the Links App

Before adding any Links, you must first make sure the app is enabled.

1. Click to expand Settings...

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Create and maintain frequently asked questions for your site.

Enabling the FAQ App

Before adding any FAQs, you must first make sure the app is enabled.

1. Go to the control panel
2. Click to expand Settings
3. Click on Enable Apps

4. Search for FAQ
5. Check the Enable box.
6. Click Save.


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Events App

Take a short few minutes to watch this video for the quickest way to become familiar with the event app on OpenScholar.

For more information, you can read the written documentation below.

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Classes App

Create and manage information on classes taught or otherwise relevant.

Enabling the Classes App

Before adding any classes, you must first make sure the app is enabled.

1. Click to expand Setting

2. Click on Enable Apps
3. Search for CLASS.
4. Check the Enable box.


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Booklet App

A booklet is a set of pages that are connected in a hierarchical sequence. For example, if you wanted to publish a manual with sub-sections you may want to use a booklet instead of a set of pages. 

Booklets also offer several unique features:

  • Printer-friendly pages (including the ability to print an entire booklet)
  • Configurable table of contents. The table of contents for booklets is automatically created as you add child pages and can be placed in the sidebar or the main content area.
  • Asynchronous page loading (table...
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