What is a subsite?

A subsite acts as related site to the main site. 

Subsite FAQ's:


Benefits of Subsites

  • You can set your site search to pull in search results from subsites. Learn how!
  • The List of Posts widget can pull in content from the subsite to the main site
  • Your subsites can adopt the same theme so the look and feel is consistent. Make this automatic in Site Settings
  • When using a featured theme, the global navigation provides a link back to the main site 


How to Create a Subsite

  1. Log into your main site
  2. Navigate to the User Account Icon at the top-right of the webpage, click on My Sites, and select the "Add Subsite" link of any site you want to create a subsite to. NOTE: You must be an Administrator or Site Owner of the main site to do this.
  3. Fill out the "Create Your Website" form
  4. Click on Create Your Site

Updated: 23Jan18