Widget Slider

The Widget Slider can display Custom Text/HTML widgets in a slide show like format.

Adding a New Widget Slider

To create a Widget Slider:

1. Go to your Control Panel,
2. Click the Appearance link
3. Select Layout link
4. Once in the layout, select the green "Add new widget" tab
5. Select the Widget Slider

6. Give the widget a Description
7. Click on the dropdown arrow to view and individually select a Custom Text/HTML widget from the list
8. Repeat this step to add additional Custom Text/HTML widgets to the Slider widget

Widget Slider Display Options

  • Duration
  • Transition Speed
  • Display scrollbar
  • Slider Height
    • Note: If any Custom Text/HTML widget in the collection is taller than the height of the widget slider (Slider Height), you must select the Display scrollbar setting to enable scrolling within the Widget Slider OR the height of the Widget Slider can be changed to reflect the height of the Custom Text/HTML widgets in the collection. The default height of the Widget Slider is 400px.

Adding the Widget Slider on a Page

Drag the new Widget Slider into the page layout and click Save


Updated: 3Aug16